Music Design

All of my events are fully customized around my clients’ particular preferences. I don’t rely on “tried-and-true” setlists that don’t fit your vision. Instead, I want to understand your exact tastes, compliment them with what I think would work from my years of experience, and still be flexible to react in real time to what’s actually happening on your dance floor.

I also know that the same songs will not work for two different pairs of my clients. For example, I’ve worked events for couples getting married in their early 20s, as well as weddings for couples who are getting married in their 70s! So for those different age ranges, the clients and guests’ tastes would vary widely.

Some DJ companies only let you choose 10-20 songs total, and they infill the rest from their standard set list. But what if their standard set list isn’t to your liking? My music design process begins with a blank slate, and you share all your likes and dislikes, giving me as much or as little input as you like.

The music of the evening is built around three components -

1. Your specific song requests,  as compiled in my planning worksheet. This document provides me with the initial scaffolding to build out the event’s music.

2. I compliment your specific requests by playing songs improvisationally throughout the evening.

3. I read the room, see how the dance floor is feeling and also consider guests requests - working in the good requests you’d enjoy, and tactfully declining the requests that don’t fit your vision.

I find that this music design allows for the your tastes to be clearly communicated, yet stay flexible to the needs of the party and what is happening in real time.

Want to discuss your this process further? Get in touch!