About Me

From an early age, I was consuming music in all of its forms.  My parents swear I was pulling records off shelves and bopping around the apartment as a toddler. Growing up in Queens, I commuted daily to the Bronx for high school and would make detours downtown on my way home - going to all-ages shows, digging through record stores’ dollar bins and making and sharing mix tapes with friends.

I purchased my first pair of turntables and DJ mixer as a college freshman in Brooklyn, and soon met DJs Porkchop and Dirtyfinger, combining forces to work all kinds of bars, clubs, lounges as well as warehouse and block parties. Our events were written up in The New York Times and Paper Magazine, and we three became known for our free-form, mixed-genre format. In January 2011, a series of themed warehouse parties with the the artist Swoon’s Swimming Cities project were named #1 in the city in Time Out New York’s “5 Best Parties” feature.

I’ve appeared on WNYU and WFMU radio. I’ve held residencies at high end cocktail lounges as well as dive bars. I still DJ public events when I can, but private event work at weddings and corporate events makes up the bulk of my calendar these days.

Want to learn how my experience in clubs, cocktail bars, as well as underground warehouse parties would be relevant to your celebration? Get in touch!