Beyond my club gigs, I love working weddings and private events. I have worked over 200 weddings in my career, and performed at fifty four weddings in 2014 alone.

My approach to playing weddings is different than many other weddings DJs, and certainly different than any of my bar or nightclub parties. Although I'll be playing many weddings this year, I try to make each one as special as possible. Rather than working off of a set playlist for every gig, I prefer to work with each couple and incorporate as many of their musical tastes as possible. This tailored process makes the event that much more specific to each couple.

At a wedding, I believe the DJ's role extends beyond simply playing great music. As DJ and MC, I am aware that I will become the "face of the party" to guests. I have to take a proactive role, and work well with caterers, officiants, photographers, and other vendors, while managing the event schedule. I am always looking to deliver professionalism throughout an event, not just while mixing songs. I am a confident MC, but I perform all announcements tastefully and succinctly. I will never use the microphone to hype the crowd, tell bad jokes, or worse - I am only looking to set up those moments in the event schedule.

I offer assistance for every part of a wedding, from ceremony to last song. I own multiple sound systems and can provide as many as needed for music during ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing.

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